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About Michael

Why do I play music? To give to others. In the past few years I have started to see how my playing and the music I have been writing have been having an effect on those who chance to hear it. To be able to sit at a piano in a room full of people I have never met, who I have never spoken a word to, and put a smile on everyone's face just by "doing what I do" is a special gift that I am grateful for.

The piano has a unique ability to carry melody, complex harmony, and rhythm, all on its own and all at the same time. It is just as effective by itself as it is accompanying a group. I feel most like myself when I am in front of the keys. The piano becomes my voice, a voice that allows me to give what I feel inside to others. To touch people's hearts in a meaningful way that I could not do through my actions or words alone. That is why I play music.

I would like for this music to find its way to those who are close to me in my life, first and foremost. I want to give this music the chance to be heard by as many people who can take something positive and meaningful from it as possible, whether through recording or a live performance.

In the future I would like to be where ever I can do the most good for those around me, be it through my music and my playing, or through myself as a human being.